Abri-Man Zero
Abri-Man Zero

Abri-Man Zero

Your Price: $183.30
MPN: 300740
Manufacturer: Abena
Absorbency Level: 200 mL
Size: 9x18 cm
Quantity: 24/bag

Abri-Man is Abena’s specialized range of male incontinence products. Adult incontinence products come in many shapes and sizes, but our male pads are specifically shaped to fit the male anatomy. The design of Abri-Man incontinence pads provides a discreet solution that enables the user to lead a normal and active life.


Abri-Man Zero is a slim anatomically shaped shield (or cup) ensuring optimum safety and comfort. The product is produced with Air Plus foil – a white, discrete and comfortable solution. Once correctly positioned, it can be fixed in with the adhesive strip. Can be used in tight fitting underwear. With the Abri-Man Zero, we have completed our full range of product solutions designed specifically for men. Abri-Man Zero is an excellent option for light incontinence problems.


  • Shaped for the male anatomy
  • Small and discreet for light incontinence
  • Breathable textile backsheet
  • Odour system reduces the risk of unpleasant odours
  • Can be fixed with adhesive strip in tight fitting underwear.