Abri-Fix Pants
Abri-Fix Pants

Abri-Fix Pants

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Manufacturer: Abena

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Abri-Fix Pants

96% Polyamide, 4% Elastane

A traditional panty made of a soft, comfortable and highly elastic material by using tubular knitting technology. For fixation of diapers.


  • Institutional, traditional “panty hose” construction
  • Good support for larger pads with low mobility
  • Even with full mobility good fixation for smaller pads is secured
  • Colour code in waistband for easy product identification.
  • Can be washed around 25 times

ColorMPNProductHip Size
4239Small19.5" to 31.5"
4238Medium27.5" to 39"
4240Large33.5" to 47"
4241X-Large41" to 51"
4242XX-Large45" to 55"
4243XXX-Large47" to 59"